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How to start a Consistent Workout Routine?

by Akhil Pandey

# So you’re having trouble working out consistently?

I get it.
If you are having trouble exercising regularly, know that you aren’t alone.
Not being able to work out consistently is one of the top issues facing by all of us. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that help you, which I’ll share with you today right here.

# 5 Tips to Help You Get Into a Consistent Workout Routine

The summer months can get a bit crazy.
Day trips, long vacations, kid’s sports, and beautiful weather can make it tough to get to the gym.
Because we are creatures of habit, once you’ve missed a few workouts it becomes easier and easier to fall out of your routine.
Or maybe you haven’t had a workout routine before and are looking to start one now.
With the summer winding down and the kids getting back to school and their routines, it is the perfect time to focus on YOU and get into a consistent workout program.
And we have the steps to get you there!

1. Reinvest in yourself.

During the summer months it becomes even easier to lookout for everyone but you.
Shuttling kids here and there, working, coordinating trips, back to school shopping — it doesn’t end.
It is crucial though, as a parent, spouse, partner, and family member to start making your health and well-being a priority.
Moreover, a healthy and happy lifestyle can positively impact those around you.
It may sound counterintuitive to put yourself first but this has an enormous impact on not only yourself but everyone around you.
Investing in your own health will keep you moving and improve your mood, energy and overall well-being.
By giving to yourself, you will be able to give more to those you care most about.
Invest in YOU today!

2. Set goals.

There is nothing wrong with thinking big. In fact, we encourage it!
The problem is many of us set ourselves up for failure by making big/unrealistic goals without a plan of action.
If we don’t quickly see results or reach those goals, we get discouraged and give up.
Setting goals, both long and short term, is crucial for success in all areas of life, especially our health.
They keep you focused, on track, and committed.
Let’s start with your big, long-term goals.
To get the most out of your goal setting, make sure the goals are:
1.   Specific
“My goal is to lose 20lbs” is much more effective than “my goal is to lose weight”.
2.   Measurable
Be sure to focus goals around measurable areas of your health like water intake, body fat %, cholesterol, how many times/week you get to the gym, etc.
3.   On a time limit
Put a time limit on reaching your goals. A little pressure will go a long way. This will force you to stay on track and consistently working hard toward your goals.
4.   Your goals
These goals must be yours, not your friends or your family’s but yours. It is much easier to put in hard work and time for your own vision vs. someone else. After all, you have to motivate you!
5.   Written Down
Make sure your goals fall within the requirements above, write them down and keep them close. This will keep them in sight and in mind, helping you stay consistent.
Now that you have your larger goals laid out it’s time to start setting smaller, behavior based goals that will help you reach your big goals.
Behavior based goals are things that we have complete control over and can take immediate action on.
The great thing about smaller, behavior based goals is they allow you to reach them daily. This is known as the progress principle and helps to build serious momentum.
It helps you see that what you’re doing is working and keeps you committed.
Let’s say your long-term goal is to lose 40lbs.
That is your desired outcome. Let’s build your daily and weekly behaviors that will lead you to that outcome. They can be things like:
⦁ Eating a vegetable with each meal
⦁ Meal prepping for the week every Sunday
⦁ Drinking a glass of water with each meal
⦁ Getting to the gym 3x/week
⦁ Running .5 mile further each week

3. Have a team.

Improving your health and fitness doesn’t need to be a lonely journey.
This is one of the largest reasons why almost 80% of people who start a workout routine quit during the first month.
Walk into most gyms and find:
⦁ No support
⦁ No direction
⦁ No community
⦁ No motivation
This leaves people feeling intimidated, confused, alone, and unsupported.
This is not a recipe for fitness success and consistency.
At DSC, we obsess over creating a welcoming community where our members feel supported and motivated, and constantly working towards their goals.
When it comes to getting into a consistent workout routine, don’t go at it alone!
Gain the motivation, accountability, and support you need by working out with a buddy or joining a group fitness program like our Adult Group or Women’s Beginners Group Training!

4. Make it FUN!

There’s a common misconception that exercise needs to miserable.
That you need to beat yourself up, and work to extreme exhaustion to see results.
You need to do grueling tasks, like something from one of the “Rocky” movies or need to run endless boring miles on the treadmill.
This mainstream misconception of exercise has made us view exercise in a negative way and has made working out more of a chore.
We are on a mission here at DSC to change this forever and make exercise fun!
Yes, you heard that correctly, exercise can and should be FUN!
Here are a few ways to add excitement to your workouts:
⦁ Join a group class
⦁ Workout with a friend
⦁ Add variety to your workouts with different routines and equipment
⦁ Create a playlist with your favorite songs for your workouts
⦁ Join events like road races and obstacle courses
⦁ Go for a hike or bike ride
Adding fun to your workouts and enjoying them will drastically increase your workout consistency.

5. Start each day with your health habit.

Imagine not evGetting into and staying in a consistent routine is all about your habits.
It’s about instilling different things that stick with you on a daily basis and help move you in the right direction towards your goals.
We are creatures of habit. In fact, over 40% of our daily actions are the product of our habits – the things we do without even thinking about it.
en thinking about eating the right foods, or getting to your workout! Talk about powerful stuff.
A great place to start is with one, simple, healthy habit to start each day.
It sets the tone for the day.
This quick and easy habit gets you into a great mindset for the day. It helps you start the day with some momentum and aids in keeping you on track for the day.
Here are a few examples:
⦁ Starting your day with a large glass of water and lemon
⦁ Starting your day with a daily stretch routine (checkout this video, HERE)
⦁ Get up before the kids to cook your healthy breakfast foods or smoothie
⦁ Get your workout in before work vs. after work
By starting your day with your health habit you will move better, feel better, and greatly increase your consistency!


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